Ret and Ro is a local label born out of our deep love for fashion and appreciation for all things vintage. Based in Manila, Ret and Ro was founded by a 20-something year old who dreams of turning her childhood memories into classic pieces that express a WOMAN. Through a single piece, a woman’s two distinct sides, having an innocent, playful, and sweet disposition and a wild, rebel child within are exuded. Our passion is to bring effortless silhouettes inspired by old photographs, books, music and scenes to life for modern Filipinas who dare to be herself.

Dare to be innocent.
Dare to be playful.
Dare to be wild.

Ret and Ro.



We believe that there is more to a woman than a few physical traits that can be easily attributed to you—like your gorgeous hair, your sweet smile, or even your battle scars. You can be brave, you can be fierce, you can be sexy, you can be smart, you can be kind, you can be anything you want to be.

We, the artists behind Ret and Ro have dreamt for years to create masterpieces in the name and form of fashion. Allow us to be a part of your lives by filling your wardrobes with handcrafted pieces that we know you’ll love. Let us share with you our story and how we hope these classic pieces will inspire you to embody your being a woman. Because darling, you deserve clothes that will make you feel good. So go ahead and dare to be a part of our movement, our family.

Dare to be innocent. Dare to be playful. Dare to be wild. We know we would.

- Ret and Ro